Mid-week and Saturday appointments are available
for adults across the life-span, young people, parents and families.

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People struggling emotionally are often eligible to attend the service under a 'Better Access' GP referral. This entitles you to 6-10 sessions per year with a Medicare rebate, covering about two thirds of the session fee.  Please discuss this with your GP to find out if you are eligible. If so, your doctor will complete a 'mental health care plan' for you which is valid for a year.


Self-referrals are also welcomed.
If you have private health insurance you may be able to claim rebates for Clinical Psychology.
Please check this with your policy or health insurance provider.

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You are welcome to request an appointment by phone, text message or email.
Fiona is often unavailable to receive or return calls during office hours but will be glad to respond by text or email after hours.


The first appointment usually runs for 60-75 minutes and subsequent sessions run for just under an hour.

In the first session we will usually arrive at ideas and a plan for working together, then begin therapeutic work more fully in a second session.  The number and frequency of sessions that will be helpful in achieving change varies from person to person. However 6 sessions is often recommended in supporting and maintaining improved well-being.

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